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The K2M Doradztwo Inwestycyjne, Lodz ul. Sokola 6/29 kod 93-519 Polska, hereinafter referred to as BW Team, requests all users to read and accept the following Regulations and Terms of Agreement (in short RTA).

Exclusively connected with BETA realms:
  • Information on whether a realm is available in BETA version is placed next to its name in the login panel.
  • All modifications to Game Regulations on BETA servers are treated as modifications with the aim to repair game errors or invalid operations, the administration reserves the right to immediately modify them without informing the userbase. In particular such modifications may concern: parameters of items, buildings or other conditions of the game.
  • The administration reserves the right to modify any parameter of account at any time as well as delete any or all accounts without warning or stating reasons.
  • In case of BETA servers §4 pts VIII, VIIIa, VIIIb RTA are NOT in force.


The administration: - person or persons who are licensed by the owner of the service to take actions, in particular to manage the service, on behalf of the owner.

Administrator: - a person who has the authorisation to look into and edit logs and databases.

Operator: - a specific kind of an administrator. Operators may have all or some of the authorisations of an Administrator.

Service: - the game "Bloodwars" together with other applications connected with it, i.e. forums, BWPedia etc.

Bloodwars: - this term (unless the context states otherwise) means the whole service.

§1 General terms of use

I. Accepting RTA is required for gaining the membership status in BloodWars (the game) and for using the portal.

II. BloodWars is a free game available through the medium of Internet. BW Team is not liable in any way to lost data, availability of the game, faulty programming and other factors influencing course or quality of the game.

III. The authors of the game reserve the right to suspend the game in any time.

Following reasons may be especially the basis for such a decision:
- no technical capability of further maintaining the service,
- no financial resources for further maintaining the service,
- no premium accounts on a server,
- other external factor independent of BW Team which make it impossible to maintain the service, including law.

IV. All accounts, including their items, etc. are virtual objects of the game. The user does not obtain ownership or any other rights to the account. All rights are reserved by BW Team. No rights, in particular no exploitation rights, are assigned to the user. It is prohibited to sell the objects to third parties or lay claims to any of said objects.

§2 Registering

I. User registration. Application.

Membership begins after either a Game or a Forum Account has been registered at Bloodwars.

UMembership is open for everyone. Administration reserves the right to decline user application if:
- the applicant has previously been banned for breaking the RTA,
- the application breaks RTA in any way or
- BW Team has no technical possibilities to accept the application because of efficiency problems or the limits of computer hardware or software used by BW Team.

II. Termination by user.

The membership may be terminated by the user at any time by deleting the character. BW Team reserves the right to apply protection period to protect user's data information from unauthorised access and abuse by third parties. The period may last no longer than 3 days, in case of players on vacation mode no longer than 3 days since the end of the vacation.

In case of premium accounts the protection period will not be shorter than the remaining time of PREMIUM and not longer than the remaining time of PREMIUM plus 3 days. In case of PREMIUM players on vacation mode no longer than 3 days since the end of vacation, but not less than the remaining time of PREMIUM plus 3 days.

The erasure of data information may be delayed for technical reasons. BW Team will not save user data any longer than technically required.

III. Termination by administrator.

Users have the privilege to participate in Bloodwars limited by good faith and technical capabilities of BW Team. BW Team reserves the right to delete, block accounts or to terminate membership without notifying or warning, mainly but not exclusively in case of violation of the RTA or Game Regulations placed on the official Game Forums.

There is, especially regarding that BloodWars is a free service, no legal claim!

In particular BW Team reserves the right to delete inactive characters and accounts connected with them that have not been used for more than 45 days under the condition that premium account has expired.

IV. User-financed accounts (called Premium)

If an account is financed by a user (Premium), the user only gains the rights to play advertisement-free. The administration reserves the right to grant special amenities for users of premium accounts and to their edition or suspension. The user is not entitled to any claims other than specified in RTA. User-financed accounts are subject to the same regulations and the same rights as free accounts. The user is not entitled to claim refunds except if the membership was terminated by BW Team and the user did not violate Game Rules or RTA. Every violation of Game Rules, RTA or the law may result in ban or termination of account and the user is not entitled to claim refunds.

V. Payments, donations and buying digital services.

1. Unless the local law states otherwise, every payment, especially for premium services is a voluntary donation. Due to this, you are not entitled to any benefits and you acquire no rights or claims.
By making the payment, you confirm that you are aware that it is a voluntary donation.

2. If section 1 is not applicable, the following regulations are in effect:
By buying premium services (especially: premium account, premium services, premium content), I am aware that these services are delivered and activated immediately after the payment.
This means I have no right to withdraw from the sale agreement.
By continuing the process of purchasing, I am aware that I waive the right to withdraw from the sale agreement.

§3 Freedom of speech/Responsibility

BW Team provides a platform that allows users to communicate with each other. The users are responsible for the contents and form of their communication. BW Team is not responsible for any offensive or law-breaking content, but will immediately delete or ban any user who publicizes such content.

It is prohibited to send mass correspondence to users of the service through the service in any other way than the mechanics of the game allow.

It is also prohibited to send through BloodWars any advertisements without written consent of BW Team.

The official language of a server is the language the game is translated to. Sending messages in other languages is prohibited and will be treated as breaking the regulations.

§4 Prohibited actions

I. It is prohibited to use any mechanisms or software in connection with the game that may interfere with operations of the server in any other way than allowed by the the authors of the game.

II. It is prohibited to interfere with communication between the administrator and users and to pretend to be any of the operators of the game, owners or any other persons acting on behalf of BW Team.

III. It is prohibited to use BloodWars in any other way than through a web browser.

IV. Any automatically updating or substituting user's actions applications (i.e. so called bots) are prohibited.

V. It is prohibited to exploit any programming or server errors. When detecting such error user is obliged to immediately report such error to the game administrator along with as many information on said error as the user can provide.

VI. Any actions with object of preventing or significantly hindering other players' gameplay through causing excessive stress on technical capacities are prohibited. This refers mainly to dDos attacks or to forcing in any other way constant, prolonged data flow between user's computer and the server.

VII. Premium accounts/codes are of material value and therefore exchanging them for in-game virtual valuables (i.e. squares, items, stones etc.) is prohibited.

VIII. It is prohibited to create multi-accounts.
Multi-accounting is the usage of more than one account by one user on the same Bloodwars realm. A sufficient reason for accusation of multi-accounting is the usage of more than one account from the same IP number or the same computer on the same Bloodwars server.

Logging from one computer is identified by the administrator with system identification devices and user's computer on the grounds of data sent in http headers to BloodWars server and session data.

VIIIa. If more than one person from one IP address wishes to play on the same server all persons in question are obliged to report that fact to the operator of the server or, in case of impossibility of the former, to the administrator immediately after creating a character. Such a report may be made by one person, but it has to contain logins of all persons using the same IP address that the reporting person is aware of.

VIIIb. If this obligation is not fulfilled, the administration or the operator is entitled to block ALL accounts using one IP address on the same server.

VIIIc. Reporting a multi-account does not allow you to break point IX.

IX. Push and pull actions are prohibited.

Push/pull - is:
a. notorious transfer of items or points from one account to another resulting in abnormal progress of the character,
b. attacking one's own characters and manipulating with fight results,
c. manipulating with trade transaction results.
d. Push - situation defined in subsections from a to c when a party that benefits is a player higher in the ranking.
e. Pull - situation defined in subsections from a to c when a party that benefits is a player lower in the ranking.

X. It is prohibited for one person to join several characters to one siege.

XI. If there is any doubt as to whether the User breaks the RTA, especially §4 IV-X and §5 I-II, we shall considering using software that masks traffic an aggravating circumstance that justifies a punishment, including an in-game ban.

Push and Pull actions are prohibited and punished with ban on all accounts involved according to rules in §2 Registration.

§5 Restrictions

I. Every user is entitled to create one account per one BloodWars realm. If the game operators detect that a user has more than one account on one realm, the administration reserves the right to delete all of their accounts and prevent them from accessing BloodWars.

II. Using an account by more than one player is prohibited.
It is also prohibited to share an account password with the third parties. Administrators and operators cannot and will not ask for your passwords. BW Team does not take responsibility for damage caused by deliberate or not deliberate sharing of account passwords.

III. The administrator is entitled to block accounts temporarily or permanently, mainly due to violation of RTA. Duration and extent of such blockade depends on the decision of the administrator.

IV. Selling or any other paid transfer of in-game values without written consent of BW Team is prohibited.

V. Final and free of charge account transfer from a user to third parties is an exception from §5 point 4.

§6 Data protection

I. BW Team reserves the right to store personal data of users in order to supervise the adherence to the Game Rules, the RTA and the law. IP address, the eMail address registered and all data given during registration may be subject to storage. The user may change or delete the data, but deleting registration data results in deletion of the account and prevents the user from logging in.

II. BW Team reserves the right to gather, store and process detailed information on every actions of every user that is connected with the participation in the game. Mainly logins and in-game actions alongside with detailed data on their time and parameters will be the subject to storage. In case of blocking/deleting, user account data will be erased except for a situation when they incurred losses to BW Team. In this case BW Team reserves the right to later use of it as evidence in civil court.

III. In case of deleting account (termination of membership) by user, all personal data will be erased.

IV. BW Team reserves the right to process users' data for marketing purposes and to disclose it to authorities when compelled by law.

V. More information on data protection can be found in our Privacy Policy

§7 Liability

I. BW Team is not liable for any damage caused directly or indirectly by using the Bloodwars service, the game or the game forum.

II. In any case liability of BW Team to the users of the service cannot exceed the sum of all payments which were made in order to use this service.

§8 Modifications of Game Rules and RTA

BW Team reserves the right to modify Game Rules and RTA.

Information on modifications in regulations will be placed on BW Team and/or Bloodwars websites and/or on the game forums one week in advance. Information on crucial modifications in Game Rules will be placed on BloodWars website and/or game forums no later than one day before introducing them.

In cases when modification is meant to repair game errors or invalid operations of the game, the administration reserves the right to immediately modify it without notifying users. If any modifications occur, logging in to the game is equal with accepting them.

§9 Technical requirements.

I. Latest version of a web browser: Internet Explorer, Opera or Mozilla Firefox.

II. OS of Windows or Unix class, at least one stable version of web browsers mentioned in §9 point I has to be available for it.

III. Internet connection that allows the web browser to communicate through http protocol with Polish and foreign networks.

IV. Computer PC that allows the usage of applications mentioned in §9 points I, II, III.

V. Enabled and properly functioning cookies.

VI. Enabled and properly functioning JavaScript.

§10 Procedure of concluding/breaking agreement.

I. Registration in Bloodwars and/or its forums means concluding the agreement.

II. Breaking the agreement occurs in the moment of termination, more information on it in §2 Registration.

§11 Procedure of complaints.

I. Pre-complaint procedure.

Before filing a complaint, users are obliged to use every available method of settling the dispute by conciliation. This means, for example, contacting the Operator or Superoperator through the game forums by private messages or by creating a thread in the complaints section.

If the complaint is related to any payments, users are obliged to use every available method of settling the dispute by conciliation through filling the contact form available in the Premium Account tab in the game.

If the complaint is related to the reasons and duration of a ban in the game, information about the appropriate forum thread for posting explanation will be displayed on the logging screen.

If there are issues or technical difficulties with the service, they can be reported in the Bugs section of the forum.

II. Complaints procedure.

Complaints may be filed in writing to the address of the company or at the following email address:

Every complaint should include details sufficient for identifying the player account: game name, server number, character id, character name.

Every complaint should also explain in a clear manner the reason for the complaint and, if possible, include links to the messages/threads or other information about the outcome of the pre-complaint procedure.

All complaints will be responded to within 30 working days.

III. BW Team has tested the service on the configuration mentioned in §9 Technical requirements and done all they could to make the service compatible with the configuration.

BW Team does not guarantee compatibility of the service with hardware and software not mentioned in §9 Technical requirements.

BW Team has no technical capabilities of checking why the service does not work on a user's device (which is often the result of using or not using antivirus software, invalid configuration or malicious software), but can only ascertain whether the service works correctly on a given software (in accordance with §9 Technical requirements).

If data from third-party sources needs to be obtained, the complaint deadline may be extended by the time needed to obtain it.

BW Team reserves the right not to reply to questions/complaints which are answered in the thread "FAQ - frequently asked questions" on the forum.

§12 Possible health damage warning

BW Team warns that excessive usage of computer games, especially for people suffering from epilepsy, may be harmful.

If there were cases of epilepsy in your immediate or distant family we strongly recommend to consult your doctor before registration.

It is advised that children should use the computer only when supervised by an adult.

When any of the following symptoms (or any other worrying symptom) occur while using the computer, turn it off immediately and call a doctor.

Symptoms list:

- suffocation,
- vision disorder,
- convulsions,
- loss of consciousness,
- difficulty with keeping balance, labyrinth disorder.

§13 Other

In cases not included in these regulations, Polish law is exclusively applicable. Appropriate court to adjudicate upon any litigation is district court appropriate for place of registration of K2M Doradztwo Inwestycyjne.

If a part of this regulation goes against the law in a particular country, that part is considered null and void in that country.

§14 Exceptions: Hardcore Servers.

1. Hardcore servers are paid servers. This means that premium is required to play. Hardcore servers have the word "Hardcore" in their name.

2. By registering on a hardcore server, users confirm that they are aware that if they break the RTA, the administration has the right to ban them temporarily or permanently without refunding premium.

3. On hardcore servers, the following sections of this RTA are not in effect:

a. section 4 subsections VIII, VIIIa, VIIIb, VIIIc

b. section 4 subsections IX and X.

§15 Cookies

1. What are cookies? Cookies are small files saved on the users computer.

2. What do we use them for? To identify the user, store information about being logged into the service and the user's settings.
For example:
- to control user session in order to prevent session hijack.
- to save user settings on his or her computer so that they can be stored and remember when he logs in again.

3. Types of cookies:
a. Session – only for the current session, removed on logout.
b. Temporary/Permanent – saved on the user's computer even after logout.

4. Cookies that do not belong to us:
On some sites you may find cookies of other companies that provide certain services (data gathering, advertising etc.), we are not responsible for them.

5. More information on data protection and cookies can be found in our Privacy Policy.

§16 Company details.

K2M Doradztwo Inwestycyjne, Maciej Prasal
Located in: 93-519 Łódź, ul. Sokola 6/29, Poland
NIP: PL 729-203-03-87
REGON: 473243680
Entered in the registry of enterprises in: Łódź - Górna Disctrict under II RHU 64111-55131/2004

Contact number for sms premium: +48 730 225 140. How much you will be charged depends on your mobile operator.

Review date: March 11, 2019